A/C Vents not working

I have a 2010 Ford Explorer and my air conditioning unit is working, however, I am not getting any air flow thru the interior vents. How can I fix this ?

The servo motors that operate the doors inside the HVAC unit are apparently not working as they should.

Years ago, this could have been the result of a broken or disconnected vacuum hose, but nowadays I believe that all of these servo motors are electrically-powered. Unless you are a mechanic, in order to fix this you will need to take the car to somebody who is a mechanic.

It all needs checked out by a tech.
This truck has one electric blend door actuator and TWO vacuum door actuators as well…

Can you hear the blower motor running?


Blower motor does run.

If you read this system description, it says no vacuum means you only get defrost. That means that you either have a vacuum leak. Maybe a vacuum hose is disconnected.

There are 4 independently actuated airflow mode doors used to direct airflow within the heater core and evaporator core housing and the plenum chamber. Vacuum control motors are used to position these airflow mode doors.

Vehicles with dual-zone EATC use a partitioned heater core and evaporator core housing assembly with 2 separate temperature blend doors. This allows individual temperature settings to be selected for the RH and LH air outlets. The airflow mode doors are not partitioned. Therefore, the airflow mode for the RH and LH outlets will remain similar in all modes, regardless of the temperature settings.

The air distribution system is designed to provide airflow from the defroster duct when no vacuum is applied to any of the vacuum control motors. This is done to prevent a situation where defrost cannot be obtained due to a system vacuum leak.