Air conditioner stop blowing cold air

i have a 2006 honda civic lx and the air conditioner works fine when i first start the car.

however, after driving for 15-30 minutes the air conditioner starts blowing progressively warmer air, until it starts blowing warm (or even hot) air. this seems to happen when the engine gets hot.

one particular day it started raining, and suddenly the cold air kicked back in.

i took it to the dealer and they said i needed a compressor and coil for a grand total of $800. i took it for a free a/c inspection, and he said the problem might be electrical, but a visual inspection wasnt enough to figure out the problem. and it would be $90/hour to diagnose.

any thoughts or help?

Doesn’t sound like a Compressor if it keeps working then not working.

I’d find a mechanic who specializes in AC. We have a couple around here…All they work on is A/C…

Yellow pages. Auto AC repair. Specialty shop.

This is ALL they do. They are good at diagnosing it. And this time of year they are generally SO busy they don’t want to do any extra work they don’t have to. So they will be quick, done and out the door with ya.

I agree with cappy. The A/C shop will likely cost less and they are likely to do a better job.

Note: often in the north of the US the local radiator shop is also an A/C shop. The opposite in the south.

Make this another vote for an automotive AC specialist. That’s where I always go with AC problems in my vehicles.