Air Conditioner Problems hot air

I have a Honda Fit 2010, Last summer I noticed that I have having problems with keeping the air conditioner cold. If I was parked in a cool area then I would have cold air blow for about 5-10 minutes, and then it would turn warm. If I was parked out in the sun, then no cold air would blow. The blower works, although seems to be less efficient if I’m driving for extended periods of time with it blowing on 3 or 4 (the higher settings). Could this just need a Freon recharge? I’ve never had that done before.

Have an AC technician connect a set of manifold gauges to the AC system to determine the state of charge of the refrigerant.



Tester is correct. Take your car to an air conditioning shop. Chances are that they’ll find the refrigerant to be low, in which case they’ll probably top it off and add a dye so that they can see where it’s leaking.