Air Conditioner Noise

My 2013 Chevy Equinox has 30,000 miles. When the car runs with the air conditioner on, it has a whining sound that goes off when the A.C. is turned off. I have taken it to my local dealer several times, and they say that the whining is normal for this vehicle. They also say that Chevrolet will not authorize a repair under warranty for this problem. Are you aware of this problem with Chevy automobiles? Is there anything I can do to have this problem corrected?

Go to the dealer and ask for a test drive of the Equinox. If it does not whine then there is your proof. You can also take this complaint to the chevy area rep.

A certain amount of add’l noise is expected with the AC on. Sources are the passenger compartment blower, the engine compartment fan, and the compressor. Those can all make a sort of whining noise which is normal. So it depends on the exact nature of the sound and how loud it is. @knfenimore 's suggestion above is spot on, listen if you hear the same thing on a new version of the same car, comparing the loudness car to car. That’s what I’d do.

Years ago I had a VW Rabbit that developed a problem where the fuel pump would turn on with the key in “on” but the engine not started. The dealership – surprisingly – said this was normal. So I asked the service manager to come out to one of their new Rabbits on the lot and showed him it didn’t happen with the new car. Eventually, after some more kibitzing, they agreed to fix what was broken.