Air condition whine

Our 2003 Chevy Cavalier was in an accident and the air conditioner was replaced in the repairs. Ever since the air conditioning makes a most annoying whine when it is turned on and gas pedal is pressed. When the heat is on there is no noise. It is not the fan as this makes no noise with heat or just fan on…only the air. The garage has replaced the compresser 4 times trying to get rid of the whine all to no avail. PLEASE HELP WE ARE OLD AND GOING NUTS (WITH THE NOISE NOT BECAUSE WE’RE OLD)

Time foe a better set of eyes on this job. I would think the right mechanic would give you an answer in under one hour.

My guess is the ac pully is a tad off of alignment with the belt.

Yep our thoughts but 3 “new” sets of eyes and 4 new compressors later and still no go. 2 independent mechanics and 1 dealer!

I know nothing about A/C but wouldn’t the whine start when the AC is turned on and not just when the gas pedal is pressed again I “know nothing”. I will tell the “new” set of eyes we are bringing it to next week about that. So you think it’s not compressor? Any other suggestions will gladly be taken. Thanks so much everybody!