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Air conditioner noise in 98 Oldsmobile Achieva

When I turn on my air conditioner, it is making kind of a low roaring or humming sound. It sounds like it’s in the fan. Could my fan be about to go out? It is still blowing cold air, but I am not sure it is as much air as normal.

Why don’t you suspect that the noise is from the compressor itself they do make noise under many different conditions.
And yes the noise could be from the inside car fan,they make low roaring noises when debris gets trapped in the blower,look for debris before you buy any parts.
Yes the noise could be from the outside the car electric fan.

You can make a underhood inspection to determine from where the noise is comming from.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I know it is not the compressor, I know what it sounds like. But I will check for the other things!