99 Beetle AC Probelm (No Cold Air/Rattling sound)

Car: 1999 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 Liter

I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.


The AC no longer blows cold air. When you turn the it on, there is a rattling sound coming from under the hood. When you turn the AC off, the sound goes away. It kind of sounds like there’s a woodpecker under there hammering away. But it doesn’t sound terrible. When the fan is turned on without the AC button depressed, there’s no woodpecker sound – so it’s definitely AC related. The sound is coming from under the hood on the passenger side CLOSER to the firewall I believe.


Sounds like the A/C compressor or clutch is on its way out. The system is probably empty of refrigerant, so the compressor is likely running without oil. Every time you start the A/C, you’re causing damage. You will have to stop trying to use it.

Take this car down to an A/C shop to have it looked at. The technicians will provide a diagnosis. You can post their diagnosis back here.