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Air conditioner healed thyself!

I have a 1999 Infiniti G20t and last summer my air conditioning wasn’t working. My mechanic told me I needed a new compressor since . I didn’t have the money (almost $2000 for the compressor, kit, and labor) to do that at the time, and figured I’d wait until it got hot again to replace it. However, now that it’s heating up outside, I noticed my AC was nice and cold again. Any ideas why it fixed itself over the winter? It is Easter weekend…maybe that has something to do with it?

I don’t believe an air conditioning compressor can heal itself, nor can the system recharge itself. My guess is that there is an electrical problem. Either the power isn’t getting to the electormagnetic clutch that activates and deactivates the compressor, or the clutch has an internal problem. If the clutch is defective, it can be replaced without replacing the compressor or opening up the system. If the problem reoccurs, find a good air conditioning shop and don’t go back to your mechanic for this repair.

The problem might have been caused from a stuck expansion valve. The expansion valve is what meters the amount of refrigerant that enters the evaporator. If the expansion valve is stuck open you’ll get no cooling effect from the refrigerant.

If the A/C stops working again, try tapping on the expansion valve. If the A/C works again replace the expansion valve.


This page will give you much useful information:

You could have in intermittent electrical problem with the compressor, which, although the compressor might be mechanically sound, would call for its replacement. Another possibility is that your mechanic was trying to scam you.

You’re in the NFL situation which stands for Not For Long, so let’s do one small thing to try to help. Find the engine to body ground, disconnect and clean the body end of it and reconnect it. Who knows? It could have been a bad ground. If you have ever had funny things happen with the wipers or heater fan, feel free to wonder if a bad ground caused it.