AC not blowing cold enough air

For a while my car has had ac problems, where a month ago I had to change my AC compressor due to a failing one. Everything was good for two weeks and then all of the sudden it started blowing little to no cold AC. I’ve noticed that the clutch is constantly turning on and off, and when it does switch over it makes a louder switch sound compared to other cars’. It almost feels like it’s being overworked? When I’m inside the car I can feel the switch made because the car trembles a bit.

Was a complete compressor rebuild kit installed?


No. As far as I know, only the AC Compressor itself was installed because I bought it

In which manner did the compressor fail?


Or internally?


Im not very knowledgeable about cars but the first time I had someone check to see why my car was not blowing any cold air, they tried adding freeon and mentioned to me that the freeon was leaking and I needed to change the AC compressor. So I did that, but now we have this problem.

You need to read about BLACK DEATH of an AC system.


Sounds like the system is low on refrigerent, you may still have a leak in the system.


So you think my car not blowing any hot air is caused bc of the Black Death? Is there anyway I can check to see if this is the problem through a self-diagnosis?

Not really. In general, A/C work is not a do it yourself project. You need too much in the way of specialized tools and equipment.

Honestly, this is the one thing I had in mind. I will have it checked to see if this is the case

Do you have a set of A/C gauges? If so, connect them (engine and A/C off) and see what the system static pressure is. It should be around 120ish or so on both low and high sides.

If it’s around a 100 or less the system likely has a leak. Again, system not in operation while doing this.

Just curious, but you did add refrigerant oil I hope.