Air Conditioner, cuts out periodically

My A/C keeps cutting out periodically, if we turn the van off and back on it usually comes back on. We had this problem last year a few times but now seems to be getting more frequent. It used to come on and stay on once we got it to come on. Last night it came on then went off while driving, if I turned the A/C off and back on a few times then it would come on again for 20 miles or so then go back off…Help

This is a 2004 toyota Sienna with 150k miles.

This problem could be a faulty air conditioner relay, Toyota’s are known for the points burning out on the relay that turns on the A/C clutch.

Thank you, can you tell me where this is? Is this relay part of the inside electronics or on the compresser. Any idea how much of a problem it is to fix? can I do it myself?

Thanks again,

Scott and Lea

Its most likely a cube relay that simply plugs in a socket. Not sure the location of the relay perhaps someone with more knowledge will chime in on the exact location.

There is a TSB on the issue, its TSB# 01105, and covers a lot of Toyota’s.

Maybe I’m missing something here. Does the air conditioner keep the van cool? This is normal for the compressor to go off and on, depending on the temp. inside the cab.

No, it’s not (normal).

If the fan continues to run after the compressor cuts out and the temperature inside the cab is cool I would say there’s no issue. Maybe the ambiant temperature holds less humidity this time of year than in the summer where she lives.

I get the feeling that you have no specific knowledge of how the AC on this particular min-van works. You aren’t helping the OP, and neither is my arguing with you. The OP probably already has all they need from the post about the TSB.