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Air conditioner compressor needs replacing

My 2008 surbaru forester needs an A/C compressor and who knows what else replaced. The dealer said it would cost $1200. $850 parts/ $350 labor. The part from Subaru (compressor) only costs $480 - got this price on Subaru website. So what’s driving the remaining $370. Are they soaking me? Should I take this to an independent shop? I just have no idea what it should really cost (ball park) to get it fixed. Thanks. Gail

Try an independent shop also. $350 labor seems excessive beyond the parts. A indy will mark up the part too albeit likely less, just nature of the business to cover expenses.

They’ll replace the dryer as well - that’s another $86.They simply unbolt and bolt back on so that may be one hour. They may charge you for the time it takes to evacuate the old coolant and create a vacuum. It requires them to turn a vacuum pump on and walk away for a while.
$350 is probably three hours worth of work which it isn’t.

Bring it to an independent mechanic, one that knows how to deal with ACs. Are you sure your compressor is bad? Maybe it just needs recharging…

I suggest you look around for a local INDEPENDENT A/C shop.  (BTW The terms A/C and  Radiator may be used interchangeably. 

The best place to find a good Shop is in the south for A/C issues or in the north for cooling issues.