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2004 Subaru Forester A/C issue

I have a 2004 Subaru Forester xs and the a/c goes out intermittently. I was told I need a new compressor clutch and that the whole compressor assembly will have to be replaced. I contacted another mechanic and he said that he would fix just the clutch but I should replace the whole thing. I was quoted $500 for just the clutch and $900 for the whole assembly. So, what do I HAVE to do? Are these prices in line? Can I get used parts or discounted parts?

Automotive air conditioning is a profit center, a cash cow to the automotive industry…You can install central air conditioning in your HOUSE for $900…The complete unit. $900 for a crappy belt-driven compressor?

See if you can find a salvage compressor online. AutoZone, a nationwide parts chain will sell you a new one (complete with clutch) for $439 or a rebuilt one for $379…A used one will cost around $150-$175. You should be able to have it installed and the system re-charged with freon for around $200-$250…

Thanks Caddyman! I thought that was an obscene amount for some cold air in a car…I knew another car talk fan would help me!