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Air Cond stopped working

My ac or heat are not blowing at all. We changed the blower motor and the connector. Still no luck. Any suggestions?

Your vehicle is a Subaru Malibu Forester?


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Silly questions: 1. do you have power to motor 2. Could it be a fuse problem

Power to the motor?

Electric power to blower motor. You said it is not blowing air.

Note Bene:
The OP has now corrected his/her vehicle identification to reflect that it is a Malibu–albeit of unknown vintage. I have no idea why he/she previously identified it as a “Subaru Malibu Forester”.

The power starts at the battery positive and goes through a switch (where you turn the blower fan on) and possibly a relay then through a resistor (which value depends on the fan speed setting), then to the blower motor, then to ground and back to the battery negative. So you got a problem of an open circuit somewhere in that loop of current. There’s no simple way of knowing where the open is occurring. You have to do what is called ‘tracing the circuit’. Start at the battery, you’ll measure 12 volts at the battery positive. Next, does that 12 volts make it to the switch? Next, to the relay? Next … etc etc … At some point the 12 volts won’t make it to that point. It’s usually faster to trace the circuit loop in the reverse order, start at the blower motor and work backwards towards the battery.

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