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Air bag warning light in hot weather

I have a 06 Pontiac Solstice. In hot weather the air bag warning light comes on. The temperature usually has to be near 90. My local mechanic has no ideas. The dealer says to bring it in while it is showing the alert. Hard to do. Sherbourne from anyone?

Don’t know where that word came from. Should have said anyone have any ideas?

It should have stored fault codes that can be read. It’ll be a “B” code )body code), probably in the B1871 or B190x range. I’ve attached a link just to show you how many there are.

The dealer SHOULD be able to retrieve the code and diagnose it, however I’ve learned that they don’t really care to do any extra work. Perhaps a good body shop can download the fault codes and diagnose and repair it. They work with body codes all the time when doing bodywork. And in the process of repairing vehicles with popped airbags they have to become competent in this area.

Let us know how you make out. We do care.

Apparently there is a problem with the passenger side seat sensors. I don’t know if Autozone or Advance can read body codes with their scanner, but I would assume so. If you get the code read for free, report back and maybe someone here can help pinpoint the problem. Here is a link to Solstice airbag problems.