Air bag light - 1998 chevy astro

The air bag warning light is often, but not always, ON in my 1998 Chevy Astro. Unfortunately, it is ON whenever I seem to have a chance to bring it in for state inspection. My mechanic of many years has been unable to determine the cause. Any ideas from the community? (Note: An earlier problem with the battery draining was taken care of by turning the Dome Light button to the Off position and leaving it there permanently.)

You need to take it to someone works on just air bags. Do not work on it yourself, this is a job for a pro only.

Agree with the above post. Not something the owner should attempt. It is probably something simple and inexpensive, like a corroded connector or ground connection. I expect it will turn out to be a connection in the steering wheel somewhere that has become intermittent, as those connections get flexed every time the steering wheel is turned.


You need to take it to a shop that has an OEM-level scan tool which will communicate with GM airbag control modules

Once you have the code, you may also need a factory service manual, which will have a trouble tree and schematics

In other words, time to go to the shop.

What state, and are you sure your state requires them for the safety inspection? (As in, can you cite the § of the State Motor Vehicle Code, as opposed to your mechanic’s assertion.)

I thought owners had a fair amount of discretion re: disabling or removing their own airbags (as opposed to doing it professionally.) It’s at least possible your state won’t pass you with a malfunctioning airbag, but will pass you with one deliberately rendered inoperative.