Air bag system failure

The MRS Control Module (that makes the airbags function) on my 2001 Mini CooperS (with only 66,000 miles on it) has failed and it’s going to cost me about $1,400 to get it replaced. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I might get this fixed without it costing so much? The dealer said it is really rare for the MRS to fail…lucky me. :frowning:

Just assuming it’s out of warranty? I once had a seat belt release seize on a 21 year old Honda, and the dealer charged $0 for the repair (“good will” repair). You could ask your dealer about getting a good will repair, all they can say is no. This is a safety item which is why you may have some ground to stand on.

Is $1400 the dealership quote? If so, You may try an independently owned import shop and see what they would charge.