Air bag light will not go away



Saw a 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5 S. The air bag light was blinking and would not stop. Guy told me he had hit the curb very hard. There is a bubble in the tire, no apprent damage to the wheel. He said, dealer will reset the computer code and the light should go away.

I am thinking about abuying the car, Should I be worried?


Yes, you should be worried. If he hit the curb hard enough to damage a tire, he may also have bent a wheel or damaged some front end components.

And, it is also possible to simply remove the bulb from the warning light in order for it to go “off”–even if the airbag is missing. If I were you, I wouldn’t even think of buying this car unless it was thoroughly inspected (including a check of the front and rear alignment and verification that you have functioning airbags in place) by my own mechanic.


I agree with VDC… It may be just a sensor, but that really does not sound likely.


as with the check engine light, the air bag light is there for a reason. It could of course be a sensor, but you want a car with both the sensor and the airbag working.

Seems like some people believe that turning warninglights off fixes the problem…

There’s enough cars out there, no reason to take chances if you get a suspicion!