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Air Bag light on Chevy S10

I have a 1997 Chevy S10 pickup. The airbag light is on steady. When I first turn the key, the light blinks 6 times and then holds steady. Someone told me that the number of times it blinks can tell you what the malfunction is.

Any help diagnosing this situation appreciated.

If that air bag light is on steady you need to have someone qualified to check it out.

When the light is on steady, it means the SRS is disabled.

It may just be a loose connection somewhere but …who knows?

The number of blinks telling you what’s wrong applies only to “Check Engine” lights, and then only on older vehicles than what you have (1995 and older, I believe). The blinking in this case is merely a test to be sure the light works.

A steady on light means there’s a problem somewhere with the airbag system, and it won’t deploy in the event of a collision that should make it deploy. Time to let a shop check things out.