Aging 1997 Jeep Cherokee Repair and Keep

Regarding my aging 1997 Jeep Cherokee: I would prefer to have it repaired and continue to drive it as long as I can. Currently, it has about 155K miles on it. What would you say a reasonable estimate and what engine/transmission work would you say needs to be done to bring the vehicle into good drivable condition given the following problems: Sputtering when warm – (I’ve been told it may be a problem with the oxygen sensor), slightly shudders at normal road speeds (30-40 mph), window repairs (front driver’s can hear motor working, rear passenger cannot hear motor working), back hatch will not open with key or remote, blower fan switch only works on #4 setting, probably catalytic converter replacement and finally, rearview mirror re-attched to the windsheild. I had the distributor replaced a few months ago and was told that the distributor on the vehicle was the original equipment. I don’t have any repair records so I don’t know exactly how committed to regular maintenance the previous owner(s) was/were.