Aggressive drivers


Woo Hoo! Austin TX is number 9! I would have never guessed but my job starts so early that the traffic lights on Hwy 620 are still flashing yellow and I nearly am the traffic. Rush hour going home is not bad, the real jackasses come out at night, the bar and night club traffic. I make a point out of staying out of town during SXSW and when F-1 is in town.


That’s on the freeways. You can get places faster if you stay on the surface streets and you don’t have to drive through bad areas after dark. When I used to travel there way too much for work, I’d stay near LAX. I could get to Santa Monica on surface streets way faster than local friends that would take the 405 at afternoon drive time.


I’ve driven in that city too often. On residential streets, 50 mph was not enough

for many, especially in south L.A. School children were speed bumps to them. Bad areas?

Where? Okay, L.A. is not Detroit. People say, “SF has bad areas too;” oh please…


I was warned to avoid south/central. LA.


I’ve never looked for any kind of list for these stats but I’m going out on a limb here and stating that Philly would rank near the top. Has to…

I have stories that would either turn you white as a sheet or make you laugh in disbelief. If you dont live around here you really have no idea the mayhem going on…


No reason to warn anyone. L.A. is not “bad” compared to Rochester, NY, I attended school in that city, and Rochester can get scary. L.A. was just a stroll in the park for me, but I was always indoors at night. Some people just see a Hispanic, and call it a “Bad” area, I wonder about the school grades of these people. This was also in SF; they don’t know, but they see Hispanics to label it as “Bad.” Take a Sociology class people; that is, if you’re accepted in a university, or college. I’ve lived all over this country, the areas I avoid are in southern states, too much fattening food in those cities.