Aftermarket parts



Will “genuine” aftermarket oxygen sensors made by the original car maker work better than aftermarket versions from another reputable parts supplier?


Most aftermarket parts are OK and I would not hesitate to use them. They are also considerably less expensive.

The only problem I ever had with an aftermarket (rebuilt) part was a starter, which would not properly engage with the flywheel.


I seriously doubt there is a single O2 sensor made by any car manufacturer. That type of item is usually farmed out to a vendor.

I’ve had to replace 1 O2 sensor in the past 15 years. And I bought one made by NGK. Never had a problem. This is not rocket science. It’s a fairly simple device.


As far as I know, all oxygen sensors are make by reputable manufacturers (Bosch, NGK, etc.). Heaven help us if China ever gets into the oxygen sensor market. Then, we would have more Chinese goods lacking of quality; whether car parts, or, particularly, anything made out of Chinese low quality metals.


Every car made is a conglomeration of aftermarket parts; from electrics to suspension to brakes and everything else.

Many of the factory OEM parts are made by the same company that produces them for the aftermarket stores. Different stamp sometimes and different ink on the package but it’s all the same.

There are only a few O2 sensor manufacturers and they produce O2s for both the car makers and the aftermarket. Zero difference. My uncle has been a foreman in a Bosch plant for about 35 years and he oversees the building of these things.
I agree with the China comment. It’s a shame that those countless thousands of containers being unloaded in the port (contributing to the trade deficit big time) are stuffed full of junk; most of which will be in the city dumps within 6 months.


It depends on the aftermarket part. Is the aftermarket Oxygen sensor you are considering a universal Oxygen sensor or does it already have the appropriate plug on the end of the wires? If it already has the right plug, I think it will work just fine. Sometimes universal Oxygen sensors don’t have the same amount of wires as the proper part.