Aftermarket Backup camera

Would installing an aftermarket backup camera on an older car over the rear view camera make you fail a safety inspection? It actually improves the rear view but would that be considered a modification or something? I don’t know. Thanks

What kind of car do you have that has a rear view camera?

Seems like there is more to this story… are you trying to use a backup camera as a rear view mirror substitute?

they have rear view camera kits like below.

Tell us where you’re from and we might be able to tell you more. It’s going to depend on the laws in your state / country.

Since you are on one of the Hawaii islands the inspection web site is the one to contact .

All the after market backup cameras I have seen the monitor screen mounts on the dash . They make replacement rear veiw mirrors the have the image in them . But if you cover up any part of the rear veiw mirror you are asking for trouble.

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Mustangman, that’s exactly the kind of kit I have installed on my car. Thanks

From reading what the inspector is supposed to be looking for, if you’re using a kit like @weekend-warrior posted you shouldn’t have any issues. More important that it’s mounted correctly and doesn’t block the view ahead any more than the factory item. But the code the inspection’s based on is from 2013 so may not have factored in these sort of upgrades.

Got it thanks

Zero impact on passing or failing safety inspection.

Thanks for the information