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Aerosl spray for clear coat?

Would it be the case that when the paint level is low, the aerosol spray won;t product great results?

I bought this 2k clear coat - first effort was on the metal - a small area - it came out well. Nice glossy, glass like finish.

Few days days later I tried it on bumper - the first coat was satisfactory - next speay coat wan’t - wondering as the paint level is low the aerosol spray won’t work well?

Another possibility was I was holding it closer - I can not imagine that I did it right for the first coat but not for the 2nd coat!

Thin paint may expose the incompatibility of the type of paint you are using and the basecoat or the bumper material itself.

Let it dry, sand it smooth and try another couple of coats.

I’ve had problems with paint rattle can spray patterns when the nozzle gets partially plugged. It works fine the first time, but the next day, poor spray pattern. Try putting on a new nozzle if such a thing is possible. Sometimes you can clean a nozzle by soaking it in paint thinner. Don’t try to clear the clog by poking anything into the nozzle. Unless you have the correct poking tool, that usually makes the problem worse.

It’s usually possible to prevent this from happening by turning the can upside down at the end of the spraying session and spraying until nothing but air comes out. That cleans the nozzle for the next day.

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