Advise Needed!

have a gmc 05 pickup. just off warrenty by about 4k miles. just spent major $ to have new head/valve system put in, low compression in one cylinder. gm has a “service bullentin” on this limited problem, not a re-call. they have been aware of the problem for a while, even when my truck was under warrenty. what case if any do I have with gm to get pay me back for work done. has been fixed and I’ve paid the bill and a bill one, any advise appreciated, thanks…vtsteve

If you can document (via service record, receipt, etc.) that the problem was brought to their attention before the warrenty ended, you have a good case. The issue is what document you have. If just verbal, could be a problem. If you can say on such and such a date I brought it in to have such and such looked at and discussed it with . . . maybe got a chance.

Talk the dealer first but then may have to go up to the zone rep.