To be a lemon or not to be



We purchased a 2005 GMC Truck and have had nothing but problems. The vehicle now just has over 25,000.00 miles on it and it is 20 months old We have documented over 30 Repairs from new brakes, they have resurfaced the front rotors twice, replaced the front and rear breaks, the radio twice, a speaker, blower motor, replaced the transfer case seal due to leak, replaced door moldings, replaced a shaft on the steering column, bumper, side mirrow, had multiple alignments and now it needs new tires due to rounding on the edges. from all the frontend vibrations and trouble, and many other repairs. That is just the repairs we have had multiple other issues that have not been addressed, clank noise when it is shifted into gear, when turning the steering wheel there is a pop, breaks pulsing, steering wheel pulls terribly to the left, truck rides rough, smelled coolant just prior to the engine problem, 4 wheel drive tough to shift last time it was used it took two blocks to get it out of 4wheel. After 9 times of dropping it off for multiple complaints it is now at the GM service department again, this time is the best. It started making a whistle noise then a pop like a firecracker, then a clanging in the engine. We were told that they would have to take the engine apart and find out what the cause was. Then they called and said that they thought it was a bearing. Then they called and said that it wasn’t a bearing and that it was the that the cylinders were scored on the longblock and that they were replacing the longblock. Then we were told that they were having someone come to look at it and do a throrugh check to see why this happened. They explained that this was abnormal and that they needed to find out why it happened. I asked who was coming out and they could not tell me. I asked the CS rep to call when this no person came in, so we could come up to the shop and visually see what happened and could discuss why this happened with him in person. I was told that you came up and took pictures last night, I said yes I did but there was no one there to show me where the damage was. I then told him that I did not know what I was taking pictures of. I was told that they did not know when this person was coming and that he could only be there 30 secounds and then be gone so they could not guaretee that we would be able to meet with him. I said I didn’t think someone could do a thorough check on the engine in 30 secounds and he laughed. I called the following morning and told our CR rep that I wanted him to call James when this person came so he could come up (We are only 8 blocks away)and see the damage and discuss why it happened. I asked what division this person was with and he did not know, I asked what his name was again and he did not know. I explained that I felt that was stange that you let someone come to look at my vehicle that you cannot tell me his name. I explained that I did not want anything being done to the vechile until we spoke with the no name person, no repairs nothing. I asked him if he understood and he said yes. Later that day James called me stating that the engine was being sent out of town to a machinest to be checked. I went to the shop to get a satement from them stating that this was happening so I could include it with my BBB Auto complaint and he wrote it on a piece of paper, no company logo or anything. I then got home and asked James if he approved the engine being sent out. He said no that he was told that they were sending it out. I called our CS rep and asked why the no name person did not show up and he could not anser that. Then I asked why the engine was sent out without my consent and I then stated that when we spoke this morning I was quite clear about nothing being done to the vehicle until we spoke with this no name person. He said yes, but he was unaware that this was happening. I said you called James to tell him that was what you were doing. He then explained that he had no control over what was happening this was being done by the shop manager. I asked where the engine went and he could not tell me I asked for a phone # and he did not have that. I asked to speak to his manager, of course he is out of the office until Monday. Now does this sound strange to you? We called the GM at the dealership to discuss this with him and he stated that the person is coming to look at the block tomorrow, I explained that the engine and block is not there it was sent out to a machinist. We have tried working with GM at the dealership place of purchase with no help, We then went through GM which I thought was an arbitration program but found out that is was a Customer Assistance and then we just started prior to this incident with the BBB on getting all the documentation together. After we made the call to the BBB we were called By Gm and the person who called stated that they were trying to resolve the matter without using the BBB. The lady was rude to both myself and James and I asked to speak with her Supervisor and she told me NO. After speaking with the GM again at the original dealership. He admitted that we got a lemon and that he could not do a buyback they were no allowed to do that any longer. He suggested that we call this person back and ask to speak to her supervisor and tell the sup that we want a buyback (he said short and sweet)and that if I could get her fax # to fax the repair orders to her and he felt that with the lengthly repair list that they would start the process for the buy back. I thought WOW that is simple I had 20 minutes before work so I thought that would be plety of time to do this simple thing. I called the # for the rep and after three times of requesting that I be able to speak with a supervisor I was continously transferred to my rep. Too make a really long story short after many other calls and not one time was I speaking with a supervisor I called my rep and explained what the GM said and was told that NO I could not speak with a supervisor and that they are not doing a buyback they are fixing the car and that is all they are doing. She then stated that the general manager could have done the buyback but he just wants to wait for gm to do it. I said so you are saying he’s a liar and she said no you were misinformed. Yeah right) I said that he also said that the process should take 3-6 weeks and she started laughing and said it’s more like 6 months. Again I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told no after multiple repeated attemps she said that she would have her call me and I asked for her name. She gave me a name, Then went on to say that the sup. would not be able to help me and this is not her sups. job or responsibility and that she was the only one that would help us. There was a lengthy conversation that folowed to much to list. At this point I was done and asked that she not contact me any furthur. That I would follow up with the better business bearu. I feel as a consumer that not one person that we dealt with has taken our concerns or tried to resolve the serious issues with the truck. We had several complaints about the engine that we were always told that they were normal, but as we can see the cylinders did not get scored because everything was normal. What advice do you have regarding the lemon law do you think going through the BBB auto line is our best bet? Do you have any thoughts why the engine longblock could have been scored? Shoul we file a complaint with the consumer protection agency? I have no idea what to do. When James looked at the engine he took pictures and there was rust on the pistons and valves. I asked our rep about the rust on the pistons and I was told that it was not rust it was debrie. Well I must say It’s not real blonde hair. We have several concerns about the pictures we took there is rust not debrie in the engine and what we beleive they are saying about the block being scored we are seeing a bend. We have the pictures and would be glad to send them if you want to look at them. I am so stessed that I have not been able to sleep and my stomach is in knotts and I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Not to give TMI (Too much information) but I went to see a therapist this morning to better deal with the insanity of all of this.He spoke very highly of you and he recommended I submit an email for your advice. I hope you can help… Desperate in Kansas City


Well, if you’re only looking for advice to verify everything you’re claiming you won’t get it from me.

First question. Did you buy this truck new? As in 4-5 miles total on it new?
Second question. Does this truck see a lot of dirt and/or rough road use?

Multiple brake jobs like have had to go through points to bad driving habits, pure and simple.

Scored cylinders? Has the temp guage been into the HOT range? It sounds like it has, and you continued to drive the vehicle with it overheating anyway; ergo, scored cylinders.

To be honest, I’ve read this lengthy diatribe 3 times and it’s making me cross-eyed.
Combine that with your comment about having to go into therapy over this and you will find less than zero sympathy from me. My condolences go to the shop.

JMHO, like it or not.
(Sorry, you will not find “rust” on pistons. They’re made of aluminum and they can’t rust.)


So, let’s see if I get this right. You claim GM said these problems were ‘normal’ despite stating earlier that GM said they were abnormal.
Second, I assume you are not being charged for any of the work being done, correct? Seeing that the truck should still be covered by GM’s powertrain warranty, the dealer seems to be doing what it can to determine what happened to the engine, and to fix it, and it should be all for free.

Is the truck a lemon? Maybe, I don’t know, long rants without paragraphs and spacing makes it difficult for readers to understand exactly what you’re trying to say. That said, GM is doing what they can. It’s unfortunate the truck broke down, it is, but you need to let GM do their job. It’s a warranty repair, and as such, you should not be charged for it.

However, the dealership should give you a loaner car (or provide for a rental) just out of decency, especially if the truck will be in the shop for a while.

By the way, why do you care what’s wrong with it? It’ll be fixed for free. My advice is back off, let GM fix the truck, and relax.


I’m sorry, but I just can’t read something that lengthy without some spacing for paragraphs, so I may not have gotten all of the details. All I can say is that, if the vehicle did qualify for lemon status in your state, the time limit has probably expired at this point of 20 months.

So–check the details of the lemon law in your state to verify the provisions, and maybe you will luck out–but I am not optimistic.

And, the next time that you post, please consider the readability of what you post. If you make something concise and to the point, and if you provide some relief for the eyes with paragraph breaks, you will be more likely to have people read your posting in its entirety.


I know this sounds like the last thing you would want to do. However have you considered working with GM(not dealer) on getting a high trade value and a new GM truck sold at lowest cost possible and moving on?

I stopped after four sentences (too much info and no paragraphs).

You ended up with bad luck in this case. Every make including the coveted Honda/Toyota has these oddball cars.


Frankly I did not read any of your message other than the title. Just too much of a mess. You may want to take a little time and organize your thoughts and writings.

My guess is you think you may have a lemon. If so get to know your rights in your state. Check out:



yes the truck was brand new when we bought it sorry for the lengthy post without paragraphs and it is not from bad driving habits they said and yes there was rust in the inner engine it has all highway miles no off road driving when the engine blew it had never over heated once i will try to better next time on my posting and it has regular maintenance done without fail


I also refuse to read a post like this. It is too long and too hard to read.