Advice would be nice


I’m hoping someone could provide some advice on an issue I’ve had with a dealership before it escalates.

I traded my 2017 Hyundai Tuscan in June.
I didn’t receive any letters from the dealership or Hyundai Finance within 2 weeks and so tried to contact them to see what the delay was. The dealership doesn’t respond to voicemails and near impossible to actually speak to someone.

For maybe 2-3 weeks I was told that it’s normal to wait 30 days or more to finalize financing details. This is the only time its ever taken that long but I took their word for it… still seemed odd but hey.

I was told I would need to pay the dealership my car payments until the financing was set up. On the same call I was told they had messed up with the forms on a few cars and would be sending me those to check and sign again.

I refused to offer payment until they had sent me these documents. I still don’t have those documents.

I called back the dealership on Wednesday, again after ignored voicemails and bounced emails and this time was told the dealership had been bought out.
I received an apology and was told they would call me back by end of the day.

I didn’t receive a call back, and 2 days later my credit was run by Hyundai finance. This was already run back in June.

I called back today and was bounced around departments, sent straight to voicemail and the person I needed seems to always be out of office, on the phone or often they get fired.

I’ve found forums online with complaints specifically regarding this dealership. Some with same issues as me, almost identical. Most note that the dealership took their payments and didn’t forward them to their financing companies. Some said they would call and they’d tell them that manager had been fired, others said the entire team rotates every 3 months and the most worrying is the multitude of posts saying they are fraudulent, they take peoples money, they give people vehicles that don’t match the given descriptions the list goes on.

Oh I forgot to say the VIN on my paperwork doesn’t match the one on the car.

I have no idea where to start with getting this resolved.

If anyone has any advice I would be really appreciative.

Edit: I should say I have reached out to Hyundai Finance but since there’s a disconnect they won’t provide any advice or assistance

You don’t have a car problem–you have a legal problem. You need to contact an attorney who specializes in consumer protection law, and you need to do this ASAP. Hyundai Motor Credit didn’t run your credit to arrange financing for the new vehicle–they ran it because the dealer never paid off your current loan and now it’s in default.

At this point, you do not legally own whatever vehicle you purchased, and presumably were issued a temporary registration for. You still own–but no longer have possession–of your 2017 Hyundai Tucson, and still owe the loan payments for it.


Thank you!

Is this dealer a new car franchised dealer or just a used car dealer?
Not in Arizona is it?

I agree with bcohen2010. A lawyer will unfortunately cost you some money, but I think it’s better than the alternative. It seems pretty clear that this dealership is doing a lot of shady things.

I thought/think it’s a dealership but now that you’ve asked I’m not 100% how to tell the difference between dealer and franchise.

It’s in California :slight_smile:

If they sell new vehicles under the brand name of the place ( Joe’s Hyundai ) then it is a dealership . If not then it is a used vehicle dealer.
Sorry but you need help that can’t come from a forum . Legal place , maybe your state Consumer Board if you have one.

Then it’s a dealership as they fall under the name of xxx Hyundai.
That aside I do understand this isn’t something that can be resolved without legal help, nonetheless I really appreciate all of your assistance and letting me know which direction I need to head in.