Advice Sought: Auto Transmission, Selling a Car, etc

I have a ten-plus year old Jetta with very low miles; last year I only drove it a few hundred. I’m a cyclist, live near work and shops, and belong to ZipCar.

My mechanic says my car needs several thousand dollars worth of work to pass state inspection. He’s especially worried about the auotomatic transmission. It lurches into first gear, then runs–I think–fine. It needs some other work too.

I’ve advertised it at several Internet sites at well below Blue Book, but am getting no answers.

I’d give it to a local animal charity, but my CPA tells me they might only get $150 out if it. It originally sold for $25K and it looks good, so I’d hate to do that.

Meanwhile, I need to pay car insurance of about $125 every month. Not worth it to me!

Any advice would be welcome.

Try Craigslist. Take some good photos and only deal with people face to face or on the phone–beware email scams. You will find a buyer if you have some patience and tolerance for B.S.