Advice on maintenance

bought a 1994 buick lesabre with 26,900 miles on it. well maintained and garaged. any advice how to keep it in good shape?

Follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. Make sure all the maintenance has been done according to time, not miles. Consider replacing the serpentine belt, radiator hoses, and heater hoses. With 26,900 miles on a 14 year old car, I doubt any of them have every been replaced.

Open the glove box. Find the owner’s manual. Read it. Do what it says.

If there is no manual, get one from and follow the advice above.

One thing to check-tire age. If they’re original, replace them.

excellent advice, Busted will do thank you kindly

If you live in the north in a winter road salt area, don’t drive it in the salt! If you don’t crash the car, don’t get it stolen, and can keep it out of the salt including areas bordering salt water, then you can drive it forever. Road salt might not rust the body as fast with today’s factory rustproofing but the underside and brake parts still corrode.

PS, if you live in the southern US, keep the car out of the sun. It kills whatever it gets at except for metal.

If you can’t drive it in Winter or Summer when would be a good time :slight_smile: