Maintain or trade?

My wife’s car is an almost 10 yr. old Buick Century with 25,000 miles. It’s in good shape and has been regularly maintained. If we decide to keep it what should I be looking at repairing, replacing or checking so it’s safe and reliable for her?

I wouldn’t even consider trading. At 25,000 miles there’s not much to worry about. I’d look closely at the tires if they are original, and maybe the hoses.

If you’ve followed the maintenance schedule that came with the car (based on time, not miles) you should be able to drive this car for at LEAST another ten years.

Keep the car and save your money.

Just make sure you’re changing fluids according to the ‘severe service’ schedule.

Keep the maintenance up in accordance with the “severe service” schedule (because of the low usage) and you’ll be fine for many more years.

Oh, and if anything does begin to act funny, get it checked immediately. Procrastinating about getting minor things corrected is too often how major things develop.

I agree with the others. There is no reason to be suspect. However you are a very low mileage driver. Check your owner’s manual and make sure all the listed maintenance gets done as recommended. Remember than many of the recommendations will be like 20,000 miles or two years WHICH EVER IS FIRST.