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Is my 1990 Buick LeSabre worth fixing...again?

Hi! I inherited a 1990 Buick LeSabre (Custom) about 2 years ago. It has just over 100,000 miles on it (was my great-grandparents car, then my grandparents spare), and just when I think I’ve replaced everything possible, something else goes. What’s new: alternator, battery, ignition wires, instrument panel and brakes (not to mention windshield and tires). Now I need a new harmonic balance. Is it worth it, or should I take the $500 someone offered me?

Thank you so much!

How much will the harmonic balancer cost to fix? You might get a second and third opinion on the problem. If you describe how car acts, maybe we can help you figure out what is wrong. Also, is this your only car? If so, what will you get for the cost of repairs to the LeSabre, and how long until something goes wrong with it?

Well most of these are normal repair or maintenance items that you would have on any car but on my Buick I ended up doing the balancer about every 100K. It cost me $250 just for the balancer from GM. You should be expecting wiring and electrical problems and if you haven’t done a fuel pump, that should be on your list. I always fixed mine when it could be fixed, but junked it when the problem couldn’t be found.

It’s worth it. A Buick is a good car. At 100k, inherited from a grandparent, I bet it is in good shape. I bet the oil has been changed at least eighteen times and that the records of those changes are in the glove box. If so, keep the car and keep it up.
Yes, and pay to fix it. Keep on paying to fix it unless you have a lot of disposable income you feel a need to dispose of.