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Advice on 91 maxama

I got a 91 maxama v6 3000 with fuel injection and automatic trans with cruz controll.

I got a intermitent problum I cant diegnose and last shop i took it to did not find it.

Problum is when driving on freeway or even streets the moter will cut out like one pinched off gass line so I then pump gass and it will re gane power agen it dont happen all the time .

I have put in new fuel filter to start off with but it did it agen …

little hystory on car all injectors replaced some time last year , did new smog test whare gass tank is preserrised and i onlyhad like 1/4 tank or less in it , gadge dont read completly full when tank is full…

My thoughts are

#1 tank got junk in it and pick up is cloged #2 fuel check valve going bad #3 pick up bad ???

Please help or advise me whats you think it may be it kinda a hick up …

thank you

bill m

whittier ca

There are a lot of things that will cause this problem. Throttle position sensors used to do that when they wore out. Similar symptoms also happen when an O2 sensor has been contaminated. A fuel check valve seems to be ruled out.

thanks for the advice.
I think the 02 sensor is ok cos i past smog check.
how do you test the throtle position sencior ? location of it is on the throttle body housing?

The only way I know to test it is to actually check the signal out as you manually operate the throttle linkage. Yup, it’s on the throttle body. A Haynes manual should have instructions for this.