Adding Bluetooth

I want to add bluetooth to my car. Do I have to change my whole stereo system. I wouldn’t mind getting satellite radio too. Also, where is the best place to shop/get one installed?

You probably will have to change your stereo system. is the best place I know of to shop for stuff like this. You can possibly find the same item a little cheaper elsewhere, but Crutchfield includes an installation kit for free, plus phone tech support and they have data on exactly what will and won’t fit your car, including pictures of the dash mountings. I think they can arrange installation locally if you’re not so inclined as well.

An MR2! nice! what year?

You will have to change the radio.

If you’re getting satellite as well, make sure you read the fine print on the radios you look at - most are “sirius/XM ready” which means you have to buy about $150 in additional hardware to actually get satellite radio. A few, however, have the receiver built into the headunit.

Be aware that this is going to be expensive. You’ll also have a few unique challenges in antenna mounting if yours is a convertible or T-top model. I have mine running through the firewall into the engine bay, and then up through the vent slot in the engine lid (1993 t-top)