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Add holistic car care to Tom & Ray's business

This flyer was outside a co-op in Maine. I thought the guys could call them up and see how to add holistic car care to their business.

I can’t decide between:

  1. There’s a sucker born every minute.


B. The American sense of humor is alive and well.

Reminds me of a good joke.

In the middle of the night, someone creeped into the horse barn and sole all the saddles. The owner decided to call in an “Animal Whisperer, to see if she could shed any light on who ripped off the saddles.
The animal whisperer walked in and explained to the owner of the barn that she would have to charge $50 for every animal that she talked to . The owner agree’d and the whisperer went to work. She walked in to the first horse stall, gazed into the horses eyes for the longest time, and returned to the aisle. The owner asked “what did the horse tell you”.
The Whisperer with a straight face said., " The horse said that the barn was pretty dark last night and it was hard for me to see around the bars of my stall, but you might want to ask the cat”.

Hey, that’s a Volvo in the drawing on the poster. With a Volvo, anything is worth a try!

Seriously, what the heck did I spend all that money on an education and all those years working for? Perhaps I’M the sucker!

When half the population believe UFOs are from alien planets…

Notice the depiction of Kokopelli on either side of the business name; Kokopelli is a Navajo god also considered to be a trickster. :slight_smile:

“Notice the depiction of Kokopelli…”

Where else can you learn stuff like this? I wondered if there was any significance to that figure. Thanks.

I never noticed. I saw the Volvo, read the poster, and my mind immediately became swamped with images of a skinny man wearing only a grass skirt and a carved mask made of jungle growth dancing and chanting over the Volvo. My mind immediately became useless.

Actually, to be more correct and exact, Kokopelli, the flute player, is an ancient symbol common to the pueblo peoples of the American southwest. Seen variously as a god of agriculture, fertility, and other functions, Kokopelli is also considered a trickster, much as other tribes see Coyote as The Trickster.

So, knowing that, the minute I read the ad I wondered if the inclusion of Kokopelli on the flyer bracketing the wording about holistic car healing is an obvious wink of humor.

I’m just wondering what interesting products qualify as homeopathic fuel additives? :slight_smile: