Add a power outlet to Police Interceptor

I have a 2000 Crown Vic that was a sheriffs car. All the radios, etc have been removed and there is no power outlet. Does anyone know where I might be able to find out the where the connections would be to add a power outlet. Thanks

You can buy an outlet at any auto parts store.

Wherever they had the police radio hooked up would be a great place to get power.

You really should have a service manual so you can consult the wiring diagrams. You don’t want to hook it up in the wrong place.

I had the same thing with my old cop car when I had one. Fortunately the wiring was still there, it was just tucked under the dash. Look for it around the area where the power outlet would be (i.e. around the ashtray area) Mine had a trunk release that had been disconnected as well, though the button was still there. I just had to plug the connector back in once I found it.