Acura TSx ABS clamp

Hi. I have a 2014 Acura TSX. How do I release this white ABS clamp? I’m really struggling trying to release it and I don’t want to brake it. Wasn’t able to find a video showing how to open it.


Thanks. I’ve seen this video. My problem is I can’t get it to just “pop out” I’ve been prying on it pretty hard.

Try pressing down on the tabs.


Thanks I think your talking about the ones on the front? I see only one on the left. This thing is a pain.

If you’re going to replace it, look at the new one, should provide a clue. Common puzzle with electrical connectors. Especially automobile versions, which have to have some sort of mechanical latching mechanism so they don’t pop loose at the next bump. There’s often something you have to push on, which causes a latch (usually plastic) to move from lock into the release position. Sometimes you have to use something with the correct shape to fit what you have to push. Paper clip, very small screwdriver, etc. Even when you have that latch in the unlock position the two parts often are still stuck pretty fast together from being together for years , so often still requires some wiggling on the two halves. Once you figure it out, sketch it out, then you’ll know how to do it next time.

When I really got befuddled one time, I went to a parts store and asked to see how the replacement part latch mechanism worked … lol …

Even if you know how, it’s still a pretty common thing to break one or both halves of the connector. Just have to replace those parts is all.

When I re-connect balky connectors I’ll usually put a dab of silicone grease in the areas they stick, seems to help for the next time.

thank i just kept on prying and it just broke it off, i am just going to zip tie it down

The part that mounts it to the car or the part that secures the two electrical connectors broke?

I would think the part that secures it to the car would be removed first, and then you would separate the wire connectors after releasing the platic latch.