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Acura TL low bean

Need help advice re replacement of low bean headlight part - Igniter / Inverter for 2001 Acura TL.
Q: Are these two separate parts?
Q: Do I need to replace both?
Q: Available from sources other than dealer? Less expensive?
Other advice?

Low beam headlamps are available from many different sources. I found Sylvania bulbs for both high and low beams at Autozone. The high beams were cheaper at about $25. The low beams started at about $100. I have no idea what an igniter/inverter is at this point.

Go to 's forums - they can give you a list of suppliers for HID stuff for the TL that are significantly cheaper than dealer price.

*Why do you think you need to replace them? Couldn’t the bulb just be out?

*You should replace bulbs in pairs with HID - otherwise, you’ll have totally different colors and light output on each side.

  • I’m not sure if they did this in the 2nd gen TL, but on my 3rd gen, high and low beam are the same bulb. Low beams are accomplished by moving an electronic shutter over part of the bulb.

If its the HID lights, you have to be super careful. There is 25,000 volts at the bulb socket which is more than enough to kill you. You have to shut the lights off and leave them off and disconnect the battery before removing the bulb. The inverter/igniter should be part of just the single HID control unit. My 08 has separate high and low beam lights so don’t know anything about a shutter. Usually just the bulb but you can try Rockauto or there are a few on line Acura parts dealers a little cheaper. Don’t know anything about the quality or suitabilty of after market igniters.