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HID Headlilght Question (08 Acura TL 15K)

One of my high intensity headlilghts is bright white and the other has developed a purplish tinge. Does that mean the bulb is going south on it? They’re only over $100 for the bulb and 25,000 volts so not something to fool with lightly.

It may be the lamp or the power supply. Both are expensive. I wonder how often a high resistance ground might fit into this?

In any case this is reason #3 why I believe HID’s are a very bad idea.

We had a great system with the old sealed beams before the designer types convinced the law makers that looks are more important than lighting.

Swap the lamps and see if the problem follows the lamp. A bit of work but better than guessing.

Does the lamp envelope appear to have a coating on the inside or is it nice and clear like the other one that is normal brightness?

A bad ballast or ground can damage a good lamp if allowed to run too long under those conditions. Best to address it sooner rather than later…

Huh? Update how many years later? 7 years? Why my stuff keeps coming to the top I dunno. At any rate, yes, changing colors from white indicates a dying HID bulb. Acura wouldn’t replace it though until it went completely out, which it did and which they replaced at no charge. It was the $250 or so bulb. 50K bumper to bumper where they take care of everything. Geeze, I’m on my third Acura already and this was the first.

Bing - just curious , what setting do you have that puts old threads up or are you talking about the ones you made when reading threads. I have the box set on all categories and latest because if it past a day or two I know longer care.

I haven’t put any time limits on it that I know of. It just show up near the top on suggested topics and lo and behold it’s one of my old ones from years ago.

When I am logged on and reading threads if I scroll down to suggested topics they are all ones that I have made with unread replies. Like I really care a year or two later.

Maybe I’m the only one seeing them then. I dunno.

I see a lot of ancient threads started by me in my suggested topics as well. They were all started long before this version of the forum, so I suspect this forum thinks that I started it, and then never looked at it again - so it’s recommending that I check for replies to the topic I never revisited.

BTW, if you didn’t know, turn that auto headlight feature off. It tends to turn them on in the garage or going through tunnels, and then they get turned off again a few seconds later. Rapid on/off cycles are what kills HIDs much faster than they should die. I retain manual control of my lights, and I’m still on the original bulbs in my 07 TL.

The ‘suggested topics’ section seems to be the cause of many of these old threads’ rebirth. And I find that section of no use at all.

I agree. The suggested topics section is always visible on the lower part of my screen when I’m looking at posts. Luckily I recognized that those were old posts of mine and ignored the section from then on. But I can see someone clicking on one of them… and opening an old topic.

@cdaquila Carolyn, I know that when reading threads (while logged on the ones at the bottom suggested block are mine-still would like to be able to close them ). What does someone see that has not started a thread ?

Volvo, I am seeing ones that I stopped reading from a couple months ago: best homemade parts washer, snow tire discussion, tiller, etc.