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Acura RSX Insurance Rates

Prior to buying my car (2006 Acura RSX)3 years ago. I checked with my Insurance (AMICA)agent on rates and classification. It was not classified as a Sports car.

I have pretty full coverage and have raised my deductible. I live “close in” Atlanta so rates are high. I don’t think I can lower my coverage.

I am a Senior; have done the VERY boring Defensive Driving course, and have a clean record. I drive to my daughter a couple time year (800 mile RT) In Atlanta, I drive less than 200 miles a month. I only fill my tank every 4-5 weeks, as most of my needs and wants are with 10 miles.

Last year AMICA classified my car as a Sports Coupe and my insurance is over $2K/year. It’s about 12% of the car value

Any suggestions? Do all insurers classify an RSX as a sport coupe? Or do I have to bite the bullet and pay the bill. I do like Amica as a company

Any suggestions

Shop around at many different insurance companies. Check with whoever has your home or apartment insurance, combining them often reduces cost. Check with AARP, them may not be less expensive, but they may.

You should be proud to be a senior driving a car classified as a Sports Coupe. The extra premium gives you bragging rights. Cars like the RSX sport coupe are not for young people, but for us seniors who appreciate the finer things in life. My son is far too young, at only 35, to drive the car he has–a 1995 Mustang with the V-8, 5 speed shift and dual exhausts. I’ve tried to convince him that this is a geezer’s car that is more suitable for his dad. What is interesting, is that to my son, “a car is a car”. His wife brought the car to the marriage and due to back problems, is not able to drive the Mustang. She drives the minivan and he drives the Mustang.

I would think that your driving record, along with a good handling car should give you lower rates. An older person with a good handling car should be an insurance comany’s dream driver. Perhaps the fact that when you bought the car it wasn’t classified as a sports coupe might grandfather you in under the lower classification. I would check back with you AMICA agent and then check other insurance companies. However, some insurance companies don’t want us seniors, so you may not be able to switch.

Contact other insurers. You might try Progressive ( Progressive claims to find the lowest rates from any insurer, not just them.

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