Acura RSX Insurance rates

Prior to buying my car (2006 Acura RSX)3 years ago. I checked with my Insurance (AMICA)agent on rates and classification. It was not classified as a Sports car.

I have pretty full coverage and have raised my deductible. I live “close in” Atlanta so rates are high. I don’t think I can lower my coverage.

I am a Senior; have done the VERY boring Defensive Driving course, and have a clean record. I drive to my daughter a couple time year (800 mile RT) In Atlanta, I drive less than 200 miles a month. I only fill my tank every 4-5 weeks, as most of my needs and wants are with 10 miles.

Last year AMICA classified my car as a Sports Coupe and my insurance is over $2K/year. It’s about 12% of the car value

Any suggestions? Do all insurers classify an RSX as a sport coupe? Or do I have to bite the bullet and pay the bill. I do like Amica as a company

I See What You Mean.

Here’s a link to an article:

I think you are just going to have to contact several (many) companies and compare quotes. Insurance has a lot of variables.

I suggest you shop for another insurance company. Atlanta is going to be high no matter who you’re insured with, but $2K is outrageous for one car.

I’m over 55, and my insurance doesn’t go up no matter what kind of car I buy. My agent jokes about it, saying it’s one of the benefits of getting older.

Before I purchased a Mazda RX-7 (2-seat sports car) I called and asked about the rates, and they were the same as the car I currently owned, which was a four-door sedan.

Shop around. With a good driving record you should be able to get a better rate.

Wow! Thanks CSA, that’s a fascinating article. I had no idea.

Shop around and if too high purchase something with lower rates. Your car is worth some good money used and appealing and used/new cars currently are relatively inexpensive.

I own a car classified as a sports car(Subaru WRX) and high risk but my insurer only charges $500/year for it. My prior car to WRX was a 9 year Honda Civic 2dr worth about $2k vs $24k(for WRX) was only $50 cheaper to insure.

If shopping for cheaper insurance doesn’t work, check what the rates are for a Mini Cooper - you might sell the RSX and get one.

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