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Acura Integra SE 1995 Shift Shock

When we first start the car if we try to shift into any of the gears or return it to park, the car does an extremely hard shift or shift shock. The motor mount and transmission mounts are fine. We also flushed the transmission. The strange thing is if you let the car warm up for 5 or 10 minutes it doesn’t do it. It is not related to the outside temperature either. Only when the car is first started. This is an automatic transmission. Please help us figure this out.

First stab at the cat would be looking at the linkage. (sorry kat)

May be due to wear on the transmission pump. Low pump pressure will cause rough shifting and pump pressure is lower when engine is first started.

If I remember correctly, there is an emergency key slot just in front of the shift lever. When it sticks, you push a key in the slot to release the shift lock. My son had one but we never did get it fixed before it went to the promised land. We figured it was in the shift interlock cable or mechanism under the center console cover.