Acura Integra gas leak



Help – I only have a few hours to fuigure this out and as it is Sat evening there is nowhere open. I have a gas leak where the fill tube meets the tank on my 91 Integra. I can take it tomorrow to Midas or soemewhere, as the family vacation depends on this car. What I need to know now is this, based on the experience of some of you meachanics out there who have been very helpful in the past. I cannot see the leak beacause there are plates etc. in the way, but I can see the gas dripping down the side of the gas tank. Is this likely to be a rusted out tank )do they rust out) or just tightening up some connector? How do there things generally go at that join? I appreciate any thoughts.


It could be rust or broken connector, loose hose, or broken hose. I’ve seen it all, some due to corrosion, some to accident, some due to age. The worst to prepare yourself is a replacement gas tank and filler hose, which can run $200 and up for parts. I don’t know what the labor cost would be.

Also, how much gasoline is in the tank now? If you could run it down to a 1/4 tank or less, the garage mechanics will appreciate that. The tank will have to come down to find the problem.


I’ve got a similar problem on my 97 Crown Vic. There’s a small leak where the fill tube meets the tank, because the moron mechanic who replaced the tank did a piss-poor job. Anyway, instead of taking the car back to him to f**k up again (plus it’s an hour’s drive away) I just don’t fill the tank more than 3/4 full. No problem at all.


Yes, thanks. My problem is that it’s late Saturday and I had planned to drive to Louisville (540 miles) tomorrow. So I am trying to put together some plan Bs and Cs. I am hoping that if I get it to Monro Car Care tomorrow first thing they will say here you go, twist twist with a screwdriver that will be $3 sir. Well OK that won’t happen but maybe it’s minor and I can be on my way. I have just realized (a propos of the last post) that Monro is an anagram of moron. I’ll let you know.


Look, you’re going on a pre-planned road trip. Just don’t fill the tank over half or 3/4, and worry about fixing it when you get back. You’ll have enough to worry about just getting ready and going on the trip, worry about the tank later when you have more time, and enjoy your holiday.


Are you out of your mind. A gas leak is a life threatening emergency. Get if fixed as soon as you can, and before you drive anywhere!


Yes, gas tanks rust out especially in 15 year old cars driven in areas where salt is used on winter roads. If the leak only shows up after you fill the car then the problem is in the filer tube or overflow pipe. My 97 RAV developed such a leak and the tank was also rusted…all parts to replace entire gas tank and associaed pipes plus labor came to $1000. as was mentioned in an earlier post gasoline leaks are very dangerous and should be repaired ASAP!


Thanks everyone for your comments (except lprocter). I had Monro look at it and they confirmed that the seal, where the two halves of the tank meet, had rusted. So we’ll delay the trip by a few days and with luck will get there safely. About $200 for the tank and 1.5 hours labor.