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Minor Coolant leak

2000 Acura Integra 98k miles.

Around 90k timing belt, water pump and all sealants were done - and valve adjustment.

Since then I thought that there is a minor loss of coolant - also heard some grinding sound at cold start.

Today in calif, weather is under freezing. I saw handful of coolant under the car where the water pump is. The reserve tank is almost empty - at 95k coolant was topped up.

I went to another mechanic and he wanted to bring the car next week - he will try pressure test - if it is minor leak, it might not work he said - will do other tests. Didn’t say the price. Not sure what the fee is for diagnostic.

What are some practical tips? This is the first car now and plan on keeping it.

Given it is been about 2yrs with the timing belt job, I am not sure if I have any recourse. Credit card companies only take care if it is within 2 yrs.

What kind of money it typically cost for diagnostics?

Ask the mechanic how much it costs. Its a business deal, use good business practices.

As for the leak, there is a good chance that the leak is from a hose or around the thermostat. I’d guess the hose.

Could also be a leak at the water pump if it wasn’t installed correctly.

What kind of grinding did you hear. Metal on metal or something other? If you found water near the front of the engine, just inside the left front wheel, you might have a leaking water pump seal. As for cost, just estimate the average cost of a timing belt change plus parts. Last time I check, read a number of years ago, it was around $600.

Hope it helps.

I was hunting a slow coolant leak in my truck. All the usual suspects were clean and dry. Finally purchased some UV dye for coolant, $6.99 at AutoZone, and found the problem in a day. Bad timing cover seal allowing coolant to leak on side of engine so slow, it dried before getting to the oil pan. But, that neon green dye was impossible to miss in bright sunlight.