Acura Engine oil vs Mobil1 Synthetic engine oil service

Acura sent me a coupon for oil change at $30.
They said they use Honda syn blend and regular price is $50 and recommends every 5k miles.

I have been using Mobil1 Full syn and Castrol Syn blend high mileage on my 1999 and 1987 respectively.
I buy oils on special and go to PepBoys - still cost me closer to $50
I also have been changing oil every 5k/12months.

Is Acura Syn Blend comparable to Mobil1 Full syn or Castrol Syn blend high mileage especially at $30 service?

Since Acura/Honda doesn’t make oil, but buys it from someone who does, you just need to make sure it meets the minimum recommended API code. And, I’m sure both premium oils meet minimum specs for both cars, being a '99 and '87. The oil specs have gotten a lot better since the '87 was made, and most any oil will work. The '99, most anything but maybe some of the cheapest off-label stuff.

As far as Honda Syn Blend vs Mobile One Full Syn, the Honda stuff is a blend, like the Castrol without the high mileage additive. It should be fine, since the Mobil One is probably overkill to what your engine requirements are.

Mobil 1 is full synthetic but the Honda/Acura blend is patially Synthetic. Don’t know if its 50/50 or not. They also have a full synthetic but harder to get. When we bought our Acura, I bought a quart of oil at the dealer and it was full syn at about $8. When I needed a quart in Michigan, I stopped at an Acura dealer and all they had was the blend for $8. When I had my oil changed at Acura I speced full syn, but they put in the blended for $8. So I’m just doing my own with full syn Mobil 1 at about $7.50 a quart. If I have to not use dino, then I’d rather use full syn than half syn for the same money.

I buy Mobil 1 when it’s on sale at Costco, for less than $5/qt

Your engines will do fine on the synthetic blend changed every 5k. I assume your manual recommends dino or synthetic blend, and not full synthetic.

I expect the Acura dealership shop knows what they are doing. I doubt they’d put in a lubricant that doesn’t meet the car’s spec’s. (Never hurts to make sure though, find your owner’s manual and see what it says.)

I expect you already know that these inexpensive oil change coupon deal are at least partly a marketing ploy, often used to try to sell you other stuff. Think about it. How are they going to make any money selling oil changes for $30? So expect that they will recommend other things be done. Not a problem. It’s good somebody is taking an interest in your car’s health. Be sure to listen carefully what they say, write it all down, including how much they plan to charge; then smile, drive away, and ask your local inde shop for an assessment of what they said, and a price quote on what among those items actually needs to be done.

The problem I have with these 'come on" deals is that the shop’s goal is to find other work to do on which they can make a profit. Often they’ll recommend work that (1) doesn’t need doing, (2) costs more at their dealer shop that it would at an independent, and (3) creates a sense of insecurity in the guppy… um, change that term to “customer”. An honest discount oil change coupon is great. But since shops can’t make money on honest discount oil change coupons, I may never live to trust the ones they do offer.

Now, for ME to be honest: I’m just reiterating what George said. Perhaps with a more skeptical spin to it.

As long as Dealership deliberately do Not break anything, I am fine.

It also turns out where u buy stuff - recently bought a brand toilet tissue at Amazon just because of price - its not good - never buy again. There are reviews that people bought engine oil at Amazon and it had 1qt bottle missing or 1 bottle damaged and oil was leaking.

Walmart has Mobil 1 for around $26 for a 5 quart jug .

Honda syn blend

No auto manufacturer makes oil. It’s made for them by one of the oil companies. Honda syn blen is probably Castrol.

Synthetic blend is just Regular dyno oil mixed with full synthetic. It’s usually a 80/20 mix. 80 being regular dyno oil.

Find a good independent to do your oil changes or do them yourself. Stay away from Pep-Boys or any other chain. You’ll be far better off.

I used to do but it is messy and hard - the filter is hard to reach unless it is jacked up (Acura Integra). I still do AT fluid change - that is very easy. Also coolant.

Not an oil expert, have no test facility so I don’t know the answer to your question.

Honda oil is no doubt good oil but it is brand labeled as Honda is not in the engine oil business. It could be better than the rest as might be oil per GM’s Dexos designation. GM does not require you to buy their oil; only oil that meets the Dexos designation that does not dictate synthetic or dino oil. Honda wants to make some money from oil sales but GM apparently does not.

Who, without a test facility and the money to run it or else access to test results could know the difference in oil quality?

Don’t need a test facility. If I’m using the specified grade and type, and change it at the recommended interval, 99.9 times out of 100 I’ll be fine.