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Acura CL-S engine shuts down

My 01 CL-S has been shutting down 3-4 times in the past week. First time was on interstate. It felt like it came out of gear, I could still rev the engine but no drive.

I put it in neutral and coasted to side of road. At that point the engine shut down (no lights came on on the dash, as it would when it stalls)

I put in park shut off and waited 1-2 mins. At this point it started up and I drove away. Three times since it has shut off when driving. No dash light came on to indicate it stalled. Just shut off. There are no “codes” in the system. Recently put new plugs and 6 new coils. Batter connections are good. Could this be the ECU?

You should have the codes read just to make sure there is not a fault code stored. An ECU malfunction is possible but you need a good mechanic to check the vehicle out to make sure.

I stated above that there are no cods showing. No check engine light either.

What does the mechanic say?

I have not been to a shop yet. Trying to sort it out myself before paying.

I am thinking ECU or fuel pump relay? But leaning to the ECU just because it starts up after shutting it of.
But looking for other ideas.