Acura brakes issue

I have a 2003 Acure CL type S with manual 6 speed and 122K miles. I had my front brakes done about 15K ago at a reputable shop with premium parts and I’m getting vibrations from the front when I apply the brakes. I took it back to the shop and they lightly turned the rotors. After about 5K miles it started again. I’ve noticed a heavier accumulation of brake dust on the right front wheel. Prior to having my brakes done at the shop I had done the brakes myself at 80K miles changing the pads, rotors, and the right front caliper (dust build up was excessive and I thought the caliper was sticking. I’ve heard that Acura has had issues with brake vibrations and I’m hoping there is a solution to make it go away without having to turn the rotors frequently. Can you help with a remedy and/or some info??


I think you are on the right track with the clues concerning excessive brake dust and brake vibration. Sounds to me like a sticking or dragging caliper hitting high spots on the rotor and/or heating and warping it. Your shop “fixed” it until it got hot again.

Have you lifted the front wheels off the ground and checked for drag when spinning the wheels? I would apply and release the brakes a couple of times first. Sometimes, after sitting parked, the dragging caliper could release waiting to drag again after being used.


I bought one of those non-contact infrared thermometers (about $60). I shot it a both my front wheels when I had similar issues. Bingo! One really hot rotor.
The darn thing is just fun to play with. I used it inside my house to find out where cold air leaks are in the winter. Then I fixed the leaks and it probably paid for itself!

Try a high speed hard stop when the vibrations start. Often that all it takes. Do find a safe place to do that though and don’t come to a complete stop. A 60-5 mph hard stop, no lockup is about right.

Thanks, I’ll check it out and let you know…where did you buy the thermometer??

You should be able to find a thermometer like that at any good hardware/tool shop… I recently picked one at Sears in their tool section.


Sorry I took so long getting back.

My thermometer is an ATD-701 Deluxe Infrared Thermometer with Laser. I got it a local Auto Value Bumper To Bumper auto parts store on sale for $49.95, including 9v battery.
I went to their site, but I don’t see a catalog there.

It reads a range of -76F to +1,022F degrees! You just stand there, point the laser at anything and pull the trigger, temp reads out on digital display. These are not as accurate as surface temp thermometers (I guess colors and surface textures can cause variations) but it is really close (off by maybe just a couple degrees). Distance readings, huge range, and particularly being able to compare temprature differences is what is important.

Most auto stores have one brand or another. There are lots of brands, etc.
Get the widest temperature range for the money that you can. I have not found one with the range of mine for near the price.

Here is a place that has a bunch of information on using, selecting, understanding them, etc.

Look around. I still would reccomend the ADT-701 or one with similar range and low price. I’m not sure if you are near an Auto Value or if this is a current model. I bought mine in Feb. 2008.

Hope this helps. Your friends and family will want to try it.
I should tell you about my Bushnell Radar Gun, but that’s another story. People can’t wait to try it either.

I just looked in a Sears Craftsman catalog. They do have a nice one - new item - $80.