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Persistent shudder when braking: Acura is stumped

Hi all,

I have a 2003 Acura CL Type-S (manual transmission).

In an attempt to solve a front end shudder when braking from 80 mph, my dealer has:

1.) Resurfaced my old rotors

2.) Replaced the rotors and pads with brand new OEM parts

3.) Replaced/repacked the wheel bearings (thank god for the extended warranty!)

The shudder persists. In addition, there is a slight vibration at high speeds–this has persisted through having my rims straightened and getting new tires (along with a road force balance).

The Acura tech working on the car is stumped (but has declared he will not give up).

Please help!


--Seth Bowden

Colorado Springs, CO

Just to clarify something first. How many miles on the car and surely they’re not saying they repacked the wheel bearings?
The front and rear bearings are sealed units and cannot be repacked.

There are a number of things that can cause a brake shudder other than the brakes themselves; worn tie rod, tie rod end, ball joint, steering rack bushings, loose wheel bearing(s), control arm or strut rod bushings, and in some cases even an oddly worn tire can cause this problem. Since you have new tires rule the latter out.

If the car were mine the first suspect IMHO would be the inner tie rods although I am curious about the story behind the wheel bearings.
Checking the tie rods should be part of a brake job IMO.

The car has 105k miles. They claim to have repacked or replaced the wheel hub/bearings: I’m not exactly sure.

Thanks for all the suggestions. The tie rods are brand new (just replaced them), but the other things could bear fruit. My dealer called today and said that they found a broken motor mount. We shall see if this fixes the problem.