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Acura advertising

With all of the talk of distracted driving, what about aggressive driving? I commute 75 miles / day in the Chicago area and I am amazed at the reckless moves by some drivers. Contributing to this problem, Acura has even been promoting the “aggressive” styling of their cars! The advertising tag line for the TL is “Aggression at its most refined”. Incredible!

Aggressive styling and aggressive driving are not the same thing. Lighten up.

AL5000 is correct. If aggressive styling makes you drive aggressively, then I’d submit that you’re mildly psychotic and should probably not be driving.

Also, regarding Acura’s new look. . When did “ugly” become synonymous with “aggressive?”

same idea -the Mercedes ad showing three cars screaming across a desert landscape, barely missing the announcer…with,of course, the weasel-words in tiny print ‘pro driver, closed course, don’t attempt.’ If they don’t want people to do this, they shouldn’t be pushing it

Ads which show people plodding along at 10mph in rush hour traffic don’t sell cars.

One of the goals of people who turn out advertising puke is to get you to remember the ad. Mission accomplished!

one person’s aggressive is another’s sleep inducing/boring/unimaginative

What the heck is aggressive styling?? Their cars LOOK FAST???

This is NEW??? Been going on since cars have been sold.