2018 Audi A4 - Four-figure brakes - PER END

I got Brake pad warning and dealership told me that brake’s needs to be replaced. They are quoting me approximate $1100 for rear wheels and $1300 for front. This sounds a lot, any recommendations if I shall to local shops or to a dealership? I live in Durham, North Carolina.

Simple , get some estaments from some other places . Dealers are usually more expensive .


Yep, search Google and Yelp for good Audi/VW mechanics in your area.

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There’s a place called Euroclassics that appears to have been around a long time and might be worth a call to see what pricing they quote for the same service. From what Google reviews have been posted about the place.

What is quote? Parts and labor?
$1000 parts and $100 labor?
Per end?

I hate to say this so bluntly, but…… You bought an expensive Euro luxury/sports car, you should expect Euro luxury/sport pricing. Other than that start calling around to independent shops, you should be able to beat the dealer quote, maybe by as much as half. Good luck.


Replace pads. Not rotors. $400

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Factory pads and rotors for this car are $1200 retail from an internet supplier. 30% markup from the dealer makes $1560 for parts, $840 for 5.25 hours labor at $160 an hour for replacement and a brake fluid flush and fill and you are down the road.

Buy expensive cars, get expensive maintenance.


I bet they don’t stock those at Autozone…

OP could try Powerstop brake pads. if they are good for corvettes they should be good for a A4. just a thought

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Actually… they DO stock them at Autozone. Cheaper parts. At least near me. All except the front rotors, those are special order.

Surprised me. I figured all would be special order.

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To do a brake job on your vehicle requires a factory level scan tool.

This is because you have to command the electronic parking brake to go into the service mode so the rear caliper pistons are drawn into the calipers.

And the type of brake wear sensors used also effects the price.

So, unless you can find a shop that has the equipment to service your brakes, you’re at the mercy of the dealer



unless the rotors are warped. The symptom would be a pulsing vibration in the brake pedal under braking.

Again… buy an expensive car, expect expensive repairs.


I do pads and rotors together, Like my grandfather said if you need eggs it does not matter the cost.


I agree, new rotors every time. I’m happy to spend on brakes and tires.


I don’t agree that new rotors are needed each time. They should be checked for wear and if the wear is more than half way between new and replace, then replace, otherwise reuse. I have found that the factory rotors are good for one pad replacement. Aftermarket rotors usually don’t last as long.

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My rule of thumb is to replace them with every other pad replacement unless they are gouged or pitted.

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The only times to go to a dealer are for warranty or recall. You got screwed by getting an Audi.
Find a small independent shop who will use after market parts.

fwiw . . .

I’ve had a lot of problems with aftermarket brakes

Very few problems with factory brakes