Acquiring certificate of origin for 1928 Dodge

Hello everyone,

I have a friend who has a 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory Six. He is looking for some sort of certificate of origin, basically establishing that the car is indeed a 1928 Dodge Victory Six and providing some sort of providence. The car was bought in Canada but now resides in the Czech Republic. Where would I start looking to find something of that nature? Furthermore (and I’ll be posting this in repairs/maintenance, but might as well check here) we’ve had trouble finding replacement headlight bulbs. 6V 50W 15mm OD base. Any suggestions on where we could find adequate replacements? Most of the replacement bulbs I see of the right size don’t have adequate wattage. Thank you all for your help!

I’m probably going to be of little or no help here, but you might do a net search and contact Galen Govier who is considered the guru for all things Chrysler.
If he can’t help on something this old then maybe he can steer you in the right direction on the history of that car.

As to bulbs (and keeping in mind my knowledge of Dodges this old is about zero) you might consider other bulbs such as those used on motorcycles. I think these old cars mostly used bulbs with a flat base and 3 slots which allowed them to spiral into the connector.
Old Harleys used 6V bulbs like this and were sometimes referred to as Mazda bulbs. (Not the car…)
Maybe those old Harley bulbs which are readily available in the aftermarket will work.

You’ll get some ideas here, but you might want to find some antique car web forums and owners clubs. is the ‘go to’ place for antique and classic cars and parts advertisements, they also have listings for clubs.

With the car outside the United States, getting a TITLE from any State will be almost impossible…A Certificate Of Origin is a document provided by the vehicle manufacturer and takes the place of a title until the vehicle is first registered. It is surrendered to the State that first titles the car…The exact year and model can be determined by the VIN and detailed pictures, especially of the engine…The Dodge Bros. both died in 1925 and in 1928 Chrysler bought the company…

If the car was ever registered and titled in the U.S. or Canada and you have some of those documents to provide a path to a new title, that would be where to start…

It may not have a VIN. VINs weren’t used until 1954.

There may still be some sort of identification plate on the car, like in the engine compartment, that provides some pedigree. I would check the engine compartment, door sills, and inside the passenger cabin. Maybe under the seats.

The sides of the frame rails might have something too.

There should be a serial number on it somewhere although I do not know where.
Maybe this will help. Scroll down to Dodge.

Great reference, @ok4450‌ .

Here’s a link to the Antique Automobile Club of America, bet there’s a discussion that might be able to answer some of the questions:

According to the link Ok posted, the model number is 130 or 131. The serial number sequence for that year is M-1 to M-87759