Replacement headlight bulbs for 1928 Dodge Victory 6

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for some replacement headlight bulbs for a 1928 Dodge Victory 6. The bulbs are 6V 50W 15mm OD base (possibly bayonet). In looking at various places I can’t find bulbs of the right size that have an adequate wattage. Does anyone have some suggestions for places that might carry the bulbs we would need? Thank you all in advance for your help!

Google is your parts store…

A guy I talked with recently with a Model T with a 6 volt system said he gets bulbs at a motorcycle shop. Apparently they sell 6V bulbs. You might try there.

In most antique cars that are driven, the light sockets have been changed to accept modern bulbs…This is considered an acceptable modification. Correctly done, it’s virtually impossible to tell the socket has been changed…

Pre-67 VW Beetles used a 6 volt system I think. Due to the continued popularity of the car, there is still a good source network for these older VW parts. Maybe pickup a copy of the magazine “Hot VW’s” and look at their parts-advertisers section. A VW light bulb probably won’t fit directly in your '28, you’ll have to install a VW socket too, as mentioned above.